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[Band] プレイリスト


AC/DC --- Big gun
AEROSMITH --- Crin', Eat the rich, Nine lives, Spiderman, Living on the edge, Miss a thing, Get a grip, Walk this way, Mama kin, Angel, Crazy, Toys in the attic, Road Runner, Jaded
Alice in chains --- What the hell have I
Bad Moon Rising --- Belligerent Stance
Blind Melon --- 2×4
Blue Murder --- Save my love
Deep Purple --- Burn
Eagles --- Hotel Carifornia
EXTREME, NUNO --- Decadance dance, Monster, All automatic, Song for love, Warheads, Cynical
Foo Fighters --- All my life, Times like these, End over end, Monkey Wrench
Guns N' Roses --- You could be mine, Mr.Brownstone
Hanoi Rocks --- Malibu Beach
Janis Joplin --- Move over
Jimi Hendrix --- Purple haze
Judas Priest --- Johnny B. Goode
Led Zepplin --- Immigrant Song, Good Times Bad Times
MEGADETH --- Crush 'em, Breadline, Skin o' my teeth
METALLICA --- Enter sandman, Ain't my bitch, Fuel, So what!?, Bredfan, Battery, It's Electric, One, That was just your life, The day that never comes
Motrey Crue --- Fooligan's holiday
Mr.BIG --- Green tinted sixties minds, Mr.Big, Take cover, Jane doe
NIRVANA --- Smells like teens spirit, Scentless apprentice
Ozzy Osbourne --- Desire, Miracle man, Perry mason, Crazy train, I don't know, Paranoid, Bark at the moon, Over the mountain, Mr.Crowly, Road to Nowhere, Goodbye to Romance, Diary of a Madman, Mr. Tinkertrain
OASIS --- Don't look back in anger, Rock'n roll star
Pearl Jam --- Once
Rage against the machine --- Bulls on parade, Guerrilla radio
RAMONES --- Do you remember rock'n roll radio?, Beat on the blat, Sheena is a punk rocker
Red hot chilli peppers --- Fortune faded, By the way, Dani Carifornia, So much I, Higher Ground, Charlie, Shallow Be Thy Game
Rollins Band --- Disconect
Sheryl Crow --- If it makes you happy
Skid Row --- Sweet little sister, I remember you
The OffSpring --- Pretty fly, Hit that, The worst hungover ever, Dammit, I Changed Again
U2 --- Vertigo
Van Halen --- You really got me
VELVET REVOLVER --- Sucker Train Blues
WHITESNAKE --- Love ain't no stranger, Can you hear the wind blow

ANTHEM --- Bound to break, Midnight sun, Shadow walk, Do you understand?, Hunting time, Gypsy ways, Cryin' heart, The juggler, Tears for the lovers, The night we stand, Jail break, Legal killing, Shout it out, Bottle bottom, Wild anthem, Show must go on, Evil touch, Sleepless night, Let your heart beat, Running blood, Onslaught, Rock'n' Roll Survivor, Easy Mother, Heat of the night, Revenge
BREAKERZ --- Summer Party
Dead End --- Dead man's rock, Skelton Circus, Phantom Nation, Dance Macabre, Song of a lunatic
LOUDNESS --- This lonel heart, In the mirror, Speed, Road racer, Crazy night, 夢・Fantasy, Crazy doctor, Long Distance, Lonely Player, Take it or Leave it, Love Toys, Loudness
POWERNUDE --- Brandnew blood
Puffy --- とくするからだ, ネホリーナハホリーナ, Teen titin's theme
相川七瀬 --- 夢見る少女じゃいられない, トラブルメーカー
奥田民生 --- サーキットの娘, 海へと
クリスタル キング --- 愛をとりもどせ
西城秀樹 --- 走れ!正直者
嶋大輔 --- 男の勲章
ジョー山中 --- 明日への叫び
スピッツ --- ロビンソン
聖飢魔U --- 蝋人形の館
TOKIO --- Love you only, 噂のKiss, Dr., Ambitious JAPAN, Mr.Traveling man, 宙船
氷室京介 --- Shake the Fake, Escape, Neo Fascio, Keep the faith, Wild Romance, Sweet Revolution, Crime of Love
マッチ --- ギンギラギンにさりげなく
横浜銀蝿 --- ぶっちぎり Rock'n roll
ロイヤルナイツ --- それいけガイコツ

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